What are general meetings?


Here in 4-H, we have general meetings along with our project meetings. Defining project meetings is simple: members attend project meetings to learn about the various aspects of a specific subject that interests them.

But what are general meetings?

And are they required?

General meetings are meetings where the entire club gets together as one. In these meetings the club leadership discusses upcoming events and various aspects of 4-H, we disseminate information about the local fairs and community service, we bring in speakers to teach about all different kinds of subjects (like local heroes, animal rescues, martial artists, scientists), we participate in team building games, and we all get the chance to meet and come together as a whole.

General meetings are not required for members, unless members would like to participate in fair, however we highly encourage it so parents can keep up with what’s going on in the club.

What if we want to participate in fair?

Members that plan on participating in fair may miss NO MORE than 2 out of the 9 general meetings held from September – May.