Become a Leader

Do you have an interest or a hobby that you would like to share with children? Or is there a subject that you want to learn more about with your children? Maybe you would just like to help out during meetings, at events, carpool, and organize community service and fundraising…. If any of these apply to you then you should think about becoming a 4-H leader!

What types of leaders are there?

There are three main types of leaders in a club.
Community Club Leaders (CCLs) – These are the leaders that run the 4-H club as a whole.
Project Leaders – Run the projects the kids participate in.
Resource Leaders – These leaders help out the project leaders during meetings, put together events, run carpools, organize community service and fundraising but do not lead projects.

How do I become a leader?

If you are an adult 25 years old or older, with a clean record, you can be a 4-H leader. First you will need to contact the community club leaders for the club you are interested in volunteering with and they will ask you some questions to get to know you and your interest in the 4-H and/or any projects you would like to lead. The second step is to complete a live scan background check. Once your background check clears you will be required to complete the online registration found here and then you will receive a link to the online leader training. Complete the training and pay a $16 fee to get covered by the 4-H insurance and you are ready to lead your 4-H project.

What projects can be taught in 4-H?

Full Project List Can Be Found Here on the California 4-H website

Why do I need to become a 4-H resource leader if all I want to do is help?

Becoming a 4-H resource leader isn’t required to help out most of the time but it is highly recommended. This way you can help out more than you otherwise would be able to and you are covered under the 4-H insurance if an accident were to ever occur.

What are the costs of getting Live Scanned?

Because 4-H is a non-profit run by the state the live scan price is discounted. Live scan for our organization costs between $20-25 and can be written off on your taxes. As per CA 4-H policy to date (August 2016) you only need to get your live scan done once and you will not be required to get it done again.

I am interested in becoming a 4-H leader for Surfside, who do I contact?

You can contact our community club leaders at