Art and Design Day 2018 (1)

Why I love 4-H

By A.A. – Age 12

I love 4-H because I can try different projects and discover new things. Last year I tried sewing, outdoor adventure, fishing and poultry. 4-H has taught me valuable skills.

4-H showed me new things about sewing. I made pillowcases and a stuffed pony. I learned about different symbols on patterns, how to use bias tape and fusible interfacing and how to sew on zippers. I sewed a reversible bag, a place mat, and a zippered pouch. I learned many new ways to sew but more importantly, I learned perseverance.

In outdoor adventure I learned about hiking. I learned about volcanoes, edible and poisonous plants, and hiking safety. We hiked inside an inactive volcano. I had a blast when we saw raptors on one of our hikes. This project also taught me perseverance because halfway through the hikes sometimes your legs want to come off. As a bonus, I hiked in front of the line with the older kids which helped me gain confidence. In my fishing project, I learned to cast off the pier. Fishing has taught me patience and how to appreciate nature. We spent quality time with my 4H friends sitting around a lake, a lagoon and a pier.

Lastly, for my poultry project, I learned about seramas and how to raise them. Poultry has taught me
about different breeds of chicken, their predators, adequate housing, and showmanship. I even built a
chicken coop. In this project, I became more patient.

My first year in 4-H has taught me a lot about sewing, hiking, poultry, and fishing. Aside from fun
projects, 4H has developed my patience, perseverance, and confidence. I learned a lot of lifetime
skills and enjoyed it.