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All About the 4-H Hat

By S.V.O.  – Age 10

California 4-H members get a sense of pride from their hats and their pins.  Today I would like to talk to you about the arrangement of the 4-H hat, pins, medals, and awards along with what pins can be achieved.

The 4-H hat is not required to participate in 4-H projects or activities unless you are showing animals at fair. California is the only state to have a 4-H hat.

The 4-H hat changed logos last year so that the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources is visible and all members must be changed over to the new hats by July 1, 2020. Senior members use to receive white hats however that is no longer the case and all new seniors will wear green hats like other 4-H members.

4-H Hat Placement

Left Side of Hat

Front to Back, Bottom of Hat Top Portion of Hat
Junior Leader
Teen Leader
Hi 4-H
Medals and other pins, when left side is full then move to top right side.

Right Side of Hat

Front to Back
UCANR logo
Current Year Officer Pin above the logo
Year Stripes, oldest in front (can wrap around to the other side if needed)
Year Pin, above the strip
Officer Pin, for that year above the year pin
100 % Attendance Pin, below that stripe

No other pins and medals (like fair pins) may go on the hat.


Awards, Pins, Medals, and Honors for Your Hat


Year Stripes

Members earn stripes by completing at least 1 annual project report (APR)
Purple stripes – Primaries, ages 5-8
Gold – Junior and Teen Leaders
White stripes – For all regular 4-H members 9 and up


Stars are earned by hitting certain goals and are a big honor. Any member, 9 and up, can work towards earning their stars.

To receive your Bronze Star you must meet five of these eight goals:

    • 2 projects
    • 4 project skills
    • 12 4-H events (outside of project and general meetings)
    • 10 leadership development opportunities
    • 10 community service events
    • 12 communication skills including 4 4-H presentations
    • 5 honors and awards
    • 10 lifestyle activities

Last year, I completed the project, project skills, community service, communication skills, and honors and awards categories to receive my bronze star.

Please see the chart below for the silver, gold, and platinum. Emerald stars are the highest star you can receive; the 4-H member must receive their platinum star first and then complete a specialized project above the club level.



Categories of Participation

* are required. Subcategories in () unfortunately do not count as separate categories.

Number of Different Categories Required
5 Req
6 Req
7 Req
7 Req
1. 4-H Projects Completed
This category records projects a 4-H member has completed.
2* 4* 8* 12*
2. 4-H Project Skill Activities
This category records activities where 4-H members either exhibited their 4-H work or demonstrated their knowledge to an audience and/or judge.
4 8 15 20
3. 4-H Events Attended
This category records 4-H events, other than 4-H club and project meetings, that the 4-H member attended during the year.
12 25 40 60
4. Leadership Development 
This category records leadership activities undertaken by the 4-H member.
10 20 30* 40*
  • Junior or Teen Leader
(0) (0) (2)* (4*)
5. Citizenship & Community Service
This category records citizenship and community service activities undertaken by the 4-H member.
2* 4* 8* 12*
6. Communication Skills 
This category records communication activities undertaken by the 4-H member.
12* 24* 36* 48*
  •  4-H Presentations
(4*) (7*) (10*) (15*)
7. Honors and Recognition
This category records the significant honors and recognition earned by the 4-H member.
5 10 15 20
8. Lifestyle Activities
This category records lifestyle activities both in and outside of 4-H that the member participated in.
10 20 30 40


Junior and Teen Leader Patches

Junior leader is open to members 11-13 and teen leader is open to members 14 and up. Project leaders choose junior and teen leaders at the beginning of the year. These patches are earned after completing 20 hours of leadership in a project and turning the junior/teen leadership report in with your record book.

Pins and Medals

Project pins are earned in our club by attending 6 general meetings and 80% of the project’s meetings, completing 2 presentation, and participating in a community service for that project.

Record Book pins are earned by turning in a record book and earning a gold seal at the club, county, and state levels.

Presentation Day pins are earned by receiving a gold medal in your age group and presentation category at the county and area levels.

State Field Day pins are earned by receiving gold in your category in the state Presentation Day or Judging Contest; or top placing in Plant Science Contest or Photography Contest.

Judging pins are awarded if members medal in a county or state level judging contest: bronze, silver, or gold.

Showmanship pins are awards to members that have medaled at county field day or animal exhibit days.

Fashion Review pins are awarded to members that have won at county, area, and state fashion reviews.

Shooting Sports Match pins are awarded to top honors at state shooting sport events.

All-Star Emblem is the highest recognition a senior member can receive and requires the 4-H senior to be a part of the county all-star team.

Other pins and medals members can receive include the State Service pin, California Focus Plan of Action pin, Hi 4-H patch, Golden Clover award, and the State Ambassador pin.

4-H hats, scarves, and ties may be purchased at

Information gathered from the California 4-H website: